The biggest shopping centre in the Centre-West Region of Brazil opens in Goiânia

Passeio das Águas Shopping was officially opened yesterday by the executive team of Sonae Sierra the developer, the vice-prefect of Goiânia and the governor of the state of Goiás.

It comprises c. 78,000 sq m of ABL (leaseable area) on a plot of 280,000 sq m.



Its wide curving avenues with comfortable wooden bench seating, green outlook / entrance, valet parking, children’s play area, and most notably the huge airy ‘praça de alimentação’ (eating area) with its 12m high ceiling and green vista combine to create a relaxing place to spend one’s leisure time, and money.

This is a hugely impressive development with a relaxed air which contrasts sharply with many other shopping centres where the praça de alimentação is canteen-like at the top of the building.

It will create / has created over 6,000 new jobs and represents the biggest stamp of confidence on Goiânia in many years.

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